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If you guys didn’t know, my physical change, energy level and wellbeing have been greatly influenced by Nerd Fitness. The blogger/nerd rebel leader, Steve Kamb wrote a post on Saint that spurred my change to six pack abs and his blog gave me the resources and tools to achieve them.

Everything from his blog clicked with me from the “No BS” attitude in accomplishing your goals, to live your life’s dream, fitness/nutrition information and being entertained by his Epic Quest. My idea to start Ninja Fitness came from him. I hope to become as successful like him in influencing people like me to get in shape.

Then as fate would have it…

STEVE KAMB COMES TO ATLANTA! And I was able to meet him.

Meeting Steve surprised me because after reading his blog, I envisioned him to be a little nerdy but my initial impression of him was “suave”ness. He comes into the restaurant with jeans, a button up shirt, “motorcycle” jacket with styled hair. On top of that he is well spoken and funny.  It actually kind of threw me off. I started thinking,

“Ok Steve, you are too cool to be a nerd. Are you a rockstar with a groupie following you around? Are you really a nerd? James Bond?”

But he is a nerd…once you start bringing up video games =D

Anyways, I was warmed by his down to earth persona. He made sure to talk to all the people that showed up (8-9 peeps). We had your stereotypical nerds, NF followers/fans, people trying to get into blogging, and a ninja (Ok, ok…I actually  fall in all the categories mentioned (minus the nerd) but I’m more of a fan than anything else). I was surprised how willingly he was in dishing out advice and pearls of wisdom to people who want to grow their blogs. He was genuinely nice, helpful and a stand up guy. Everybody in the room was happy that the NF Rebel leader could make an appearance. Kind of like Darth Vader visiting the storm troopers….


Ok…maybe not because they were deathly scared of him.

Regardless, we were glad that Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness made a stop in Atlanta and we hope he keeps coming through.

Come visit again!

“How do I lose weight?”
“Go on a paleo diet.”
“But I love grains and dairy.”
Then come back when you are actually ready.” – Steve Kamb

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