I’m back!

What up my ninjaz!!!

I’m back! Sorry that it’s been awhile. I know I went off the grid but so many things have happened since I last updated you guys.

One major change that has happened since I went paleo and lost a lot of weight is that I’m now involved with Crossfit. I got so deep into it that I was able to become a Level 1 Trainer (This was so by God’s blessing that I got this.)


I know before I wrote about Paleo and body composition. But now I’ll be shifting the focus of Ninja Fitness to “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement”.  So from health and “looking good naked” to human performance. Educating people about Crossfit.

And I got new goals now. My current goal is to make Crossfit regionals in 2014 for the Southeast and that is no small goal. That is actually a tall order. Just as I tracked my progress with me getting ripped, I will keep you posted on the training that I’m doing. So far I’m just trying to get gymnastic movements down(two consecutive ring muscles ups is current goal), getting my strength up (There are monsters  in strength out there!) and I want to get mentally stronger.

I’m also joined a pretty elite gym Crossfit Atlanta. No lie, I went to a couple of other Crossfit gyms and I would rank high on the WOD times but here at Crossfit Atlanta….I’m at the bottom. And I like it that way. I got people who are better than me that I can train with and learn from. There are a lot of elite athletes here as well. Crossfit Atlanta just won the 2013 Crossfit SE Regionals. 

Crossfit Atlanta 2013 Southeast Regionals

Lastly, this blog is here to help you so here are some Crossfit questions that I answered from somebody.

“hello! I’ve actually been following up on your crossfit/ninja fitness posts and I’ve just started crossfit. currently doing the on-ramp/safety course before joining crossfit classes. I hope you don’t mind but I have a couple of questions…..

i’m a little wary of joining crossfit classes because I feel as though I am not strong enough. when would you say would be a good time for someone to not follow through with crossfit? I have a lot of friends doing Crossfit in Korea but some of them don’t seem to really adjust their diet. how much should you be improving diet when doing crossfit?

and is there any way i can avoid cutting up my hands from the pullup bar? i’ve tried gloves but they’re useless and the chalk apparently makes it easier for the skin to break… do i have options or do i just need to man it up and accept the fact that my hands are going to get beat up…”

To answer your questions, even though you don’t feel strong enough to join crossfit, the right time to join is NOW. Crossfit will get you stronger and even if you can’t do the workouts at the prescribed weight, you can always scale it back.  So if a WOD requires you doing thrusters with a 45 lb bar, then you use a lighter bar. And be patient in getting stronger because it takes time. Learn the technique correctly and you will be kicking butt in no time. There are girls at my gym that can put me to shame some lifts…..

And to prevent your hands from getting cut up there are a couple of things you can do. You can get gymnastic grips from Rogue:


Or you can tape up your hands like this (click here on how to do it):



I hope these answer your question.

And for my Ninja Army. I want to leave you some mental grit from CT Fletcher.


Don’t mind his swearing so much. One thing I got from him is sometimes you need to work through the pain. You just need to be baptized by fire. And this is why I like this particular video. When I have a hard set to go through, I listen to this. Enjoy!

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  1. David Graham May 22, 2013 at 11:08 pm #

    Good Stuff as always broham. I’m glad you are doing your thing bro. Keep up the good work at Crossfit and Train Hard!

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