How To Get Ripped Like Jason Statham

Jason Statham

So you want to become ripped like Jason Statham?

Well lucky for you, I found out what he did to get there. Are you ready to do it? Are you sure? It’s pretty hard. But guess what? If you stick to the plan, you’ll achieve the results. The source is from and the interview is done by Mike Zimmerman.

The Eating Plan:

  1. No refined sugar or flour at all, ever. Bread and pasta are out, as are sweets of any kind. No fruit juices. No booze. “That’s the hardest part right there,” he says. His dessert every night is plain yogurt with fresh fruit.
  2. He writes down everything that he eats. If it goes down your throat, record it on paper. “This is the bible,” Statham says, holding up a black hardbound journal. He writes down everything he swallows, including water (he tries to drink 1 1/2 gallons a day-that’ll keep you feeling full). “Writing everything down makes it impossible for you to muck it up,” he says.
  3. Spread out the calories. Statham has six small meals daily. The foods aren’t surprising-egg whites, vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, and protein shakes. But the 2,000-calorie limit is gospel.

The work out plan:

  1. Ten-minute warmup: Statham uses a rowing machine, but any cardio equipment will do. This is the easy part.
  2. Ten minutes at medium intensity: This starts working the body and preps it for stage 3. This is also where the variety kicks in. ON one day Statham will do three reps of every kind of pushup (regular, wide, close, clap, staggered left, staggered right, feet elevated, and so on). Then maybe he’ll work with kettle bells- 15 reps of a right-handed squat with a clean and press, and then 15 left-handed. Then he’ll swing the kettle bell one-handed like a golf club 15 times with each hand, followed by 15 two-handed overhead presses. Another favorite: pyramids of either pushups or pullups. He’ll do 10 sets, progressing from one rep to 10 reps and then from 10 reps back down to one.
  3. Interval training: This is the brutal final stage “blow every gasket,” says Statham. “You’re crying for air. It redlines the heart into oblivion.” To the right there’s a list of some of Statham’s exercises. Pick six to make a circuit. Note: You may not have access to the equipment needed to do some of these. The point is to find a balance of total-body work, so you can pick six basic exercises you can do at home and go full-out. Statham does one six-exercise circuit five times. Rest for 10 seconds between exercises. And know your limits.

There are only two real rules to the workout.

  1. No repeats. “I haven’t had one single day in 6 weeks that has been a repeat,” he says. “Every single day has had a different combination of exercises. Obviously, you repeat exercises over the course of 6 weeks, but you’ll never do that workout you did on Thursday the 23rd of August again. It always changes, and that’s what keeps it so interesting.”
  2. Time everything. “Every single thing we do is against the clock.” Statham says. ‘That way you’ll always know how good you are and if you’re slacking off.”

jason statham


Couple of notes:

If you want different work out everyday like Jason Statham, you could join the same gym as him at Epoch Training. But if you don’t live in LA, your next best choice is Crossfit. Find an affiliate near you and join. If you can’t afford to do one. Then I would find various training programs online like at: Muscle and Strength or You can follow one routine for one month, then switch to another one and so on. Or I would make a spreadsheet of all the work routines including cardio ones and just jumble it up and spread them across one workout routine for each day. Or write down different exercises on a piece a paper, put them all in a bowl and pick 3-6 different exercises and that will be your work out for the day.

So….you know what Jason Statham did. If you decide to follow it. Let me know and record your results. Maybe we can feature you on this website!

Jason Statham

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