Rich Froning: What It Takes to Win



Warning! Book Spoiler! Do not read on if you plan on reading the book.

So Rich Froning came out with an autobiography and I thought if I picked it up that I could get inside secrets on his training and diet but to my surprise I didn’t get any of that.

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How to Get BIG Like Man of Steel

man of steel muscle and fitness

So anybody see the new Man of Steel film?

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GSP’s “The Way of the Fight”

So while trying to get fit, healthy, stronger it’s not enough to just diet and exercise. You need to do your research as well. One of the ways you can do that is by reading about other elite athletes and try to get “pearls of wisdom”. And I was able to do that with Georges St. Pierre’s “Way of the Fight”. One of the things that I was able to get out of it was motivation, how he prepares mentally, how he approaches training and learn more about GSP himself.

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I’m back!

What up my ninjaz!!!

I’m back! Sorry that it’s been awhile. I know I went off the grid but so many things have happened since I last updated you guys.

One major change that has happened since I went paleo and lost a lot of weight is that I’m now involved with Crossfit. I got so deep into it that I was able to become a Level 1 Trainer (This was so by God’s blessing that I got this.)


I know before I wrote about Paleo and body composition. But now I’ll be shifting the focus of Ninja Fitness to “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement”.  So from health and “looking good naked” to human performance. Educating people about Crossfit.

And I got new goals now. My current goal is to make Crossfit regionals in 2014 for the Southeast and that is no small goal. That is actually a tall order. Just as I tracked my progress with me getting ripped, I will keep you posted on the training that I’m doing. So far I’m just trying to get gymnastic movements down(two consecutive ring muscles ups is current goal), getting my strength up (There are monsters  in strength out there!) and I want to get mentally stronger.

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How To Get Ripped Like Jason Statham

Jason Statham

So you want to become ripped like Jason Statham?

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Leave It All In the Gym

“Don’t show up late. Don’t try to slide out early. Don’t cheat your rep counts. AND DEFINITELY, DON’T HOLD BACK. LEAVE IT ALL IN THE GYM!” – Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson is a well known trainer who has trained Angelina Jolie, Vanessa Minnillo, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Sofia Vergara, Sly Stallone, Pete Sampras, Matthew McConaughey and many others. He clients include NBA, NFL, USTA, professional boxing, NCAA sports and more celebrities.

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Fitness & Faith

One thing I haven’t really talked about here on is faith and fitness. Or faith and spirituality. I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior.

Am a good person or perfect human being?

Far from it.

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Why Sleep Is Important

You know why sleep is important because lack of sleep leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means your hormones that control metabolism would be impaired. If that happens that means your body is not functioning at optimal levels to burn fat. Do you want that? No I don’t think so. The more sleep you get the better you body is and that’s how you take care of your body. Don’t believe me? Read this article from CNN.

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Ninja Fitness Men’s Health?

One day, I will make it on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. In the meantime, lets grow together Ninja Army!

(If you are wondering where I was able to get this picture, I got it from running Urbanathlon in Chicago this past Sunday at a photo booth they had. I will write about my experience about it later.)

How To Train For A Triathlon Efficiently

Ok I will admit. I’ve never competed in a triathlon. The only closest thing that I’ve done to a triathalon is doing Tough Mudder (I hope to do a triathlon one day) but off of Robb Wolf’s website (the guy who popularized the Paleo Diet)I read a different approach to training for a triathlon by Ben Greenfield who runs a popular triathalon blog that specializes in training efficiently for it. I thought it was so interesting that I had to repost it. The true source is found at this link. But if your too lazy to go there, I just copied and pasted it here. Enjoy!

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